COVID-19 Update – October

October 17, 2020

We are sad to announce today that Studio on Main and our online store is closed indefinitely to new orders and new events. Keeping things running during COVID-19 restrictions and a very small staff (just Julie!) has proved too much for our tiny no-profit.
We will absolutely make time to fire any outstanding pottery and allow you to pick up fired pre COVID closure pottery on a couple of defined dates that will be announced soon.
We do have a hard deadline for dropping off pottery at Rustic Cabin Coffee for firing: last day is Tuesday, October 27th.
If you have unfinished pottery items, please contact us and we will leave it at Rustic Cabin with glazes and brushes. It will need to be returned by Tuesday, October 27th to be fired.
Our October Mug Glazing event is still happening! Attendees, look for an email from Julie for more information.
Stay tuned for a more personal announcement from Julie on Monday ❤
If you have specific questions or concerns, you can always PM us on our pages or send us email to
Thank you so much for supporting the online store, a fundraising effort of ours, that started when Northwest Art Center
had to shut things down due to COVID-19 – way back in March.
As always, our board and staff will continue to look for ways to reopen and revitalize the Northwest Art Center.
~The NWAC Team

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