Susan Jenkins


Susan is the co-founder and former Executive Director of the Northwest Art Center. She is currently taking a break from teaching monthly classes and is gearing up to pour her passion into leading another year of Artist’s Way. Stay tuned to our website for more information!

In her own words:

One of life’s certainties is change. Things move and shift, never remaining static. Finding the flow in the drift of life helps me navigate the occasional rapids I encounter.

Transitions signal a new phase. Before entering a new experience, I pause as if on a threshold, where space for listening and reflection occurs.

Some shifts come not of my own choosing, while others are intentional. What happens next can be scary and thrilling at the same time, as I let go of what has come before while waiting for what is yet to come. If I simply rush from one thing to the next, I miss the grace that comes from the mystery of uncertainty.

When I release my need to control the outcome, I am rewarded by the richness of transformation. Within the threshold, I stand at the edge of all possibility. Proceeding mindfully, I awaken to the opportunities of unimagined gifts.

My experience co-founding and managing the Northwest Art Center has been richly rewarding. I have deeply loved working closely with students as a teacher. Working (it never really felt like work!) at NWAC has put me into contact with the most amazing people who have supported and taught me well through all the different phases and iterations of the organization since its inception in 2004. I am grateful to those who have worked alongside me, digging in to do the job with grace, integrity and creativity.

I completed my work as Executive Director in 2012 and now have made the decision to end my role teaching the core classes. So many students have touched my heart. I am far richer for the experience. I will still teach painting classes and facilitate Artist’s Way, which is dear to my heart. I’m busy living and loving in Duvall, so I hope to remain connected, sending the message out into our community and beyond that art is essential. Art changes everything.