Terri Muharsky


Terri, along with her husband, sons, and cats, has lived in Duvall for 6 years and loved every moment of it.  She most enjoys the community of artists that have become her friends and advocates and for whom she is endlessly grateful.

Terri began with formal studio training at the age of 10, moving from traditional drawing techniques to other dry media like charcoal, conte and pastel.  Artistic pursuits dominated her academic interest, leading to degrees in Graphic Design and Illustration.  It wasn’t until she was nearly 30, however, that she began to pursue a college degree in one of her secret passions:  video game art and design. Since graduation with a degree from the Art Institute, she has started her own studio where she focuses on digital arts.

Terri’s goal as a teacher is to guide young artists toward a love of the artistic process.  For Terri, the most important characteristics of a successful artist are curiosity, courage, patience and (lastly) technical skill.  As drawing is a way to explore the relationships among the various foundational components of an image, so then is art an exploration of self, of our community and our world.